portrait in the rain: South Surrey / White Rock.  Vancouver

Ryder in the Rain: Portrait in South Surrey / White Rock (Vancouver)

Ryder in the Rain: Portrait in South Surrey / White Rock (Vancouver) 5.00/5 (100.00%) 5 votes It’s a rainy day out here in South Surrey / White Rock – but Ryder was having fun! Image captured using a Canon 5D2, 50mm f1.4.  Camera set to JPG mode, and image is shown straight from camera (no […]

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Daddy's best Peanut Butter Oatmeal Breakfast

Daddy’s Best Oatmeal

Rate this post Ryder loves oatmeal!  So for fun, we like to experiment with different recipes.  Here’s one that has become his favourite (well, except for Grandma’s oatmeal – i still can’t beat her top secret recipe!) The secret to the method Ryder and I use……we add PEANUT BUTTER!! Google+

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roasting coffee at home with Behmore 1600 drum roaster

Roasting Coffee @ Home with my Behmore 1600 Drum Roaster

Rate this post I admit it – I’m a coffee snob.  When I’m not busy doing wedding and portrait photography, I love to drink nothing but the best coffee!!  Nothing beats an amazing FRESH roasted batch of coffee beans! For many years now, I’ve done a lot of my own coffee bean roasting at home […]

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Captured with my iPhone: Florence, Italy

Rate this post You don’t need a high end camera to capture cool pictures.  In Italy, I had a whole bag full of professional gear, but many times when I was walking around I just didn’t feel like dragging a big camera body and lenses with  me.  Besides, I really like the challenge of seeing […]

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My favorite shot of Ryder…

Rate this post Many of the individuals that I hang out with regularly are also photographers.  It may seem odd that competitors in a particular industry can actually be friends, but in the photography industry that’s just the way it is.  As friends, we can continue to challenge each other in our art, and push […]

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360 Degrees

Rate this post As a photographer, I find it fun to play around with all kinds of cameras.  Recently, I acquired a Spinner 360 camera, which allows you to take a full 360 degree image in one frame using 35mm film.  It’s pretty funky! This is what the camera looks like: Basically, all you do […]

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UnoPalooza: ONE YEAR Birthday Bash!!

Rate this post Seeing as Ryder and his cousin Riley are only 2 weeks apart from each other in age, we decided that it’d be a lot of fun to celebrate their first birthday as one big birthday bash!  UnoPalooza!!! Of course, I had the video rolling at the party.  Check it out here!! Here’s […]

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Ryder’s Birthday Cupcake

Rate this post Yesterday, Ryder turned ONE!  Of course, we had to take him out to the park for a photo shoot.  However, he had his own idea about how his day was going to go, and a photo session was not really on the priority list.  Even though he wasn’t co-operating, I still managed […]

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Merry Christmas!!

Rate this post I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas, and enjoying time with their family and friends! It’s Ryder’s first Christmas, and it’s been so much fun watching him experience it.  So far, I think his favorite part was playing with the wrapping paper I love the joy that I see in his […]

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Keep warm…pick up some Hotties at Costco!!

Rate this post Costco always has the good stuff!! I just picked up some great stuff to help me out at tomorrow’s wedding!! Google+

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