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Running my PAPERLESS studio – Dropbox plays a key role

Rate this post I may be a photographer based in Vancouver, but I shoot a lot of jobs in other cities – especially Winnipeg, the city that I grew up in and worked as a photographer for over a decade  I’ve had some people ask how I keep track of all of my client files […]

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Las Vegas iPhoneOgraphy

Rate this post When Joel and I were in Las Vegas to shoot Swan & Brad’s wedding, we spent an afternoon walking around with our iPhone cameras taking random pictures of stuff just for fun.  It’s fun to put away the professional gear for a while and see what happens Here’s a few shots that […]

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I’m in Vancouver

Rate this post I have a wedding in White Rock, B.C. this coming weekend, and arrived this afternoon.  Lois and I will be in the area for a few extra days doing a bit of rest and relaxation before the baby comes. As we were landing in Vancouver, I took a quick shot out the […]

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My fun new lens

Rate this post I had such a great time in Las Vegas, and am a little disappointed that the trip went so fast!  At the trade show I purchased a fun toy for my camera – it’s a lens made by a company called Lensbaby.  Lensbaby just released their newest version of their specialty lens […]

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Reality TV For Photographers

Rate this post Every year there is an international conference and trade show in Las Vegas for wedding photographers who belong to WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). I love connecting with so many photographers from around the world when I attend the conference – the week is truly inspiring to me. The WPPI conference […]

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Keeping a low profile

Rate this post Last week, I posted a video of a photographer who was clearly being less than “stealth” in his methods of capturing the events of the ceremony The video was definitely not meant to poke fun at anyone, but rather meant to show how disruptive certain actions can be. Most ministers don’t appreciate […]

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This is NOT ME!!!

Rate this post I just saw this on my buddy Mike Anderson’s blog. Pretty funny to see that there are really photographers like this out there I promise I’ll never act like this at your wedding Have a great day everyone! T Google+

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[b] cool and go to school!

Rate this post I’ve posted before about a guy I know (he’s known as “The Becker” …or just [b] will do) who is starting a very cool thing called the [b]school. Becker is an amazing photographer in Orange County, California – and it’s so cool that he’s willing to create such a great networking resource […]

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Rate this post I love the Google Analytics tracking system – it’s a great way for me to see how many people are checking out my website and blog. If you have a website and don’t currently monitor how much traffic you are receiving, I highly recommend setting up Google Analytics. You might be surprised […]

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Craft your Success Tour: David Jay, Davide Greene & Michael Anderson

Rate this post This message is for all of the photographers that follow my blog. If you haven’t already heard, the CRAFT YOUR SUCCESS TOUR is coming to Winnipeg in September and it’s definitely something you’ll want to check out!! The speakers on this tour will include David Jay, Davide Greene, and Michael Anderson. Every […]

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