Wedding Information

Wedding Coverage Rates

Wedding packages start at $10000.


  • UNLIMITED time on wedding day
  • UNLIMITED locations
  • SECOND shooter
  • FULL RESOLUTION original camera files for you to keep
  • Heirloom custom wedding albums, finely crafted wall art, and other products optional


Paying For the Wedding Coverage

You do NOT need to pay for your entire wedding photography up front!!  To make things easier, I’ll set up a series of instalments that can be automatically paid by VISA or MASTERCARD.  You’re also welcome to mail me post dated cheques if you prefer.

Hi-res Files (digital negatives)

The “digital negatives” (original camera files) are included and come to you in FULL RESOLUTION.

My Level of Experience

I started as a full time photographer in the year 2000, and have captured MANY HUNDREDS of weddings in a variety of countries.  Because of this, I’m experienced to deal with any lighting condition, and I’m prepared for virtually any weather condition.

A bit about BACKUPS…

Call me paranoid, but I always try to think about what COULD go wrong, and then develop a BACKUP plan to protect against it.

BACKUP Locations

As much as we all hope for the best weather on your wedding day, we must prepare for the worst.  I will help you with finding an appropriate backup location prior to your wedding, so that we have a place to go if the weather isn’t on our side.

BACKUP Equipment

Every time I shoot an event, I bring backup equipment.  My backup gear includes things such as additional camera bodies, lenses, flashes, batteries, CF cards.

BACKUP of Files

After every shoot, all of the images captured are immediately backed up to multiple sources.  Even when I am shooting destination work, I have a backup system in place to ensure that I have at least 3 working copies of your images at all times.

Once I’ve completed working on your images, they are stored on my studio server (multiple copies).  IN ADDITION, copies of your files are stored OFF SITE to protect them in the event that something tragic happens to my studio and its contents.

What to expect AFTER the wedding:

Turnaround Time

You can expect to see your entire collection of images within 2 -3 weeks of your wedding date.

How to View Your Images

Your images will available as digital download.  When the images are ready, you will be sent a link that you can share with friends and family anywhere in the world.

To discuss further specifics, I’d love to chat with you in person.  Please contact me with your availability using the QUICK FORM to the right, and we’ll set up a time to connect!